I keep meaning to write a post, but between teething and the beginning of summer, I've been too busy! I just finished typing up the PDF for a pair of mittens I designed. I still have to knit the second mitten, but I figure I'll get some people testing the pattern for me while I knit the second one.

So what have we been up to? Well, this past week, we went to the zoo for Canada day, which was fun but TOO HOT. We got to the Farmers' Market yesterday and got lots of delicious food (fresh peas! swiss chard and kale! perogies! tiny strawberries!). The weekend prior we went to Grand Forks where I got to indulge in some maniac shopping. Mostly for the boys, as B needed a lot of new clothes (and O needs nothing, and it is so so so hard to pass on the cute baby clothes). I might have boughten 1 or 2 (or 10) bottles of nail polish (one was for my sister). Walmart down there has a way better selection of cheap nail polish. I also got Grape Pop Tarts and Cupcake Pebbles. I heart junk food pretending to be breakfast. I also finally got around to getting myself some "office" supplies (the office being the coffee table, or if I need to be really productive, the dining table) including the cutest binder and file folders I could find. On the way home I FINALLY got a photo of the Team Zissou sign that I have only been trying to get a photo of for 8 years now. I just always forget where it is and get my camera out too late. This time, I was testing my new camera and took them by accident. Win.

 B has exploded with language. Things he say make more sense and have more correct pronouns and such. It's neat. And little O is getting giant! He is pushing himself and rolling all over the floor. He keeps trying to get into the kitchen. I think he knows where all the food is.

We've been getting out in the area more. Everything is 30-45 minutes away on foot, which is not necessarily a bad thing. We've gone on long walks to the bank and the library and home from the store, and in the process found lots of little parks and such. My favorite walk is the one to knitting group on Mondays because I can relax and listen to This American Life or Wire Tap on my iPod. Everyone is on holidays or gone the next while I think, but I will probably still go, just to get out.

Knitting wise, I finished the Prairie Boots. I just have to buy buttons for the left boot. I stupidly only bought six buttons, forgetting that each boot needed six. I hope they still have more buttons. I LOVE this pattern. I am going to make at least one more pair. Possibly a shorter pair. I'd also really like to make a pair for O for the winter. But I have other things to knit first, and another mitten idea in my head. I've become addicted to knitting dishcloths. Total instant gratification. If only I knew more people who liked knit dishcloths. As I stated above, I finished the first mitten from a pattern I designed. I really like colour changing yarn. I bought this yarn to make some grey and rainbow striped socks, but when starting this pattern, I really felt it would work for the mittens well, which it did. And I should have enough left over to still make the grey and rainbow striped socks.

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