More things I have learned from Wife Swap, and sweater-itis

 This is B pretending to be me, shoes and shopping.

Some more things I have learned from Wife Swap:
  • Homeschooling means sleeping in and laying in bed while the kids work. I like bed.
  • I should do family yoga, but only in the dead man's pose for 45 minutes, during which I should secretly sleep.
Anyways... so I have almost finished the second sweater for O. I have just the sleeves left, but I hate sleeves, so when Ryan mentioned that I should knit something for someone he knows having a little girl, I put the sleeves aside for now. I am making another little sweater. Even though I swore I would not. But it's so cute and girly, but  in a reserved way. I'm knitting it in a darker grey with jewel-y purple and light pink flowers. And I decided to make the sleeves short. Because I am sick of sleeves. And it's for a spring baby. I picked up some really cute buttons for it, I am excited.

O spent a half an hour giggling at me this morning, it was so cute. And B all of a sudden is speaking in longer (5-6 word) sentences, which for the most part are grammatically sound. He talks pretty well for his age, he just only talks when he actually has something to say. O on the other hand has all the makings of a crazy talker. The personalities of those two are so different. We finally measured B the other day, and he is just shy of 39 inches. He is going to be taller than me in no time. We all spent the morning lounging around, it must be the gloominess. Even O did not want to be held and was happiest propped up on the couch. Which was good for me, because he must be going through a growth spurt, because instead of his usual 1-2 wake ups at night, he woke up 6 times. Ugh! At least he goes right back to sleep after. 

B and I broke out the glitter paint Monday, it was pretty fun. He can only paint for so long until the getting messy part really gets to him. Mostly though, he is all about the cars and trains and things that go. We draw cars a lot. I really need to improve my car drawing techniques, I swear I draw them just as I did in early elementary school. 

I think I am about to enact phase two of better food in the house, which is making more things, like crackers and cookies and snack things. I found a recipe for goldfish-like crackers which I am going to try this weekend after I pick up a new battery for our food scale. I really need to find some time to sit down and figure out what I need to make. I figure, I've been wanting to bake more, but don't really have much reason to, so I should put my baking skills to good use making more "whole" foods for around the house. In more exciting baking news, I finally found a reason to bake a cake (a BBQ at my mom's tomorrow), so I am going to make the Red Hot Red Velvet Cake from the Baked cookbook. I have been wanting to make this one for a while. I am especially excited about the cinnamon frosting. I am going to make the cake tonight, and then frost it during nap time tomorrow.


Things I have learned from Wife Swap

So today, while doing some knitting (I finished the main body of the sweater!) I watched a recent episode of Wife Swap. While watching, I realized that I should probably take a few lessons from these ladies such as

  • take more 5-6 hour naps 
  • run the washing machine so Ryan thinks I am cleaning (so I can take more naps)
  • spend more time internet shopping
  • make the kids do pushups when they forget to say "Yes ma'am"
Anyways, it has been a busy few days around here. Friday was a long shopping trip with my mom and sister. B got some new sandals, so now when we tell him to get his shoes on he goes "NO! Sandals!" And I found him some good summer clothes. I picked up some soft purple yarn to make these slipper/boots out of when I finish the sweater I am working on. I need to figure out how to use two circular needles at once. And I also found an excuse to go to Michaels that day. We needed to get Mother's Day and general crafting supplies. We have a lot of fun things to do this week with paints and markers (and sidewalk chalk!). And B picked out some super fun sparkle paint that we are going to use to make a birthday card tomorrow. I am excited to make things. I love the drawings and makings of children.

Saturday was library day, and B had fun as usual. O was just amused at everything going on. B really likes going to the library, he picked out a few new books to read, and loves trying out all of the couches. We walked around in the sky walks for a bit after and he really liked that. Mostly the being on top of roads part. Then it was grocery shopping. I am proud that the fresh half of my list was way longer than the not-so-fresh stuff. I've been making more effort to plan things out, and that is going really well. After shopping we all went for a drive to Lockport for dinner, which was really pretty and relaxing.
Today we just had to exchange something and go to the Bulk Barn. I picked up various dried fruits in hopes of getting B to eat them. We'll see how that goes. And then we barbecued. B loves BBQ-ing because he runs outside while Ryan is manning the grill and plays with his sand table. Or dirt rally table as it seems to be.

I think that I am going to try the Kids Clothes Week challenge next month. I have enough time to prepare, and I love sewing little clothes. Finding patterns that don't look completely dated for little boys is hard though, so I might have to come up with my own. I need to hit up Fabricland (and use what I still have around) to prepare! If nothing else, I can make a week's worth of shorts, but hopefully I will find or come up with something better. I still have a couple of weeks to figure it all out.


Making houses and stuff.

So after finally finishing O's little sweater, you'd think I'd take a break, but no, I immediately cast on for the next sweater. What a difference size 8 needles make. I am almost halfway down the body already. It's going to be a quick knit. I really like the pattern, it's knit from the top down with stitches held and then later picked up for the sleeves. Which means minimal finishing work. I think I might add pockets, mostly because I like pockets a lot, and partially because I think the front needs to be broken up a bit. I flipped through a knitting pattern book while we were driving around on errands today. It's called Favorite Mittens, and I really recommend it to anyone interested in either knitting mittens, craft as folklore, or both. The author collects traditional knitting patterns from all over the eastern coast and has stories of their origins with each pattern. I picked it up from the library because I am really into the mittens, but I think I might have to own a copy. The introduction is really informative too, going into all of the things that make a good mitten. I really need to get some more smaller double pointed needles. I have been eyeing this set from knitpicks. The wood is so pretty! There are so many mittens I want to make. I am still working on the Squirrelly Swedish Mittens right now, mostly because I was working on the sweater.

The boys have been keeping me very busy. I'm slowly starting to toilet train B, but I'm not in a hurry. He spent most of the day pushing the vacuum around the house. If he was not just getting over a huge fear of it, I would have turned it on so he could have done some cleaning too! He is finally pretty much unsick, but his molars are still coming in, making him a drooly monster. I finally took the two boys to the park by myself the other day. It is a lot of work.

Tomorrow I am going to do some shopping. I am meeting up with my mom and sister at the mall with the boys. B wants/needs some new sandals. He found his ones from last year and tried to put them on. He looked at me and said "Too small. Buy new ones. MAAAALLLLL!" And since I love excuses to shop, that is what we are doing. O does not need anything, as I probably bought too much of everything for his older brother. But it's so hard to resist the cute little stuff. 

The other day B brought me a toy catalog he found, and was pointing at a house. He then brought me his little Makka Pakka, and said "House, sleep!" And I deduced that he wanted me to build him a house for the little guy. Instead of breaking out the Mega Blocks, I dug out an old shoe box and some gift bags I found next to it. I used a holographic glittery bag to line the box, and quickly crafted a bed out of a gift box I found in one of the boxes. I added a blanket, put some art on the walls and cut out a door. I also made a magazine holder and re-purposed the gift tags from the bags as magazines. The best part about this box is that it slides out matchbox-style, leaving a perfect spot for a garage. Luckily, B's taste is not discerning, and he does not care that all I have is masking tape to put things together with, and he loved it. Especially since there is a garage. He loves garages.


Its finished!!!!!

My sweater (well, O's sweater) is all done!!! 
It feels good. I still might top-stitch a triforce or something else simple on the left chest(in orange!), but it's done!!!
Now onto the next sweater.... 



I am sitting on the couch taking it easy. What an exhausting weekend (and week). B is still sick, I think I am going to call the Nurse Practicioner tomorrow to see if I can get in to see her because he just is not getting better. I love that the doctor's office keeps same-day appointments open. O seems better, thank goodness he was the least sick. We had such a busy day today, running around all over the place, visiting people, picking up stuff at the mall, getting O's passport picture, going for a long walk, and so on. Yesterday we went to Indigo to pick up I'm Not Sleepy for B. It's so fun and bright in the kid's section there. And they have a play kitchen, which is one of B's favorite things. I am trying to convince Ryan to build one for him (and O when he is old enough). Something like this. And then I will knit and sew food for it. We'll see.

There is not a lot going on right now, I am still almost done the baby sweater. Just a few more inches of hood and then the button band. The colours make me think of Zelda; I think I might embroider a triforce emblem on it. The weather has taken a turn for the nice so we've been getting out more. I took the boys on a bus ride to run some errands the other day, and B was soooo amused. He doesn't go on buses much, so it's almost like a ride to him. And he loves vehicles of any kind. We took him for a drive around the airport the other day, and he was so in awe of the airplanes. I keep meaning to take him to the airport one of these days because I think he'd love it. I should make a list of those sorts of things somewhere. I've just been so forgetful lately. I need to actually write things in the mini notepad I bought to write those sorts of things down in.

I put away a bunch of B's toys for now. I have just been too busy to pick them all up at the end of the day. I pared them down to an amount that will not bug me if he dumps them all over the floor. It feels good, and he has barely noticed. He has been hilarious lately. He likes to sing songs and play his drums. I think he is going to be a rockstar. O mostly wiggles, smiles and giggles, and it's absolutely adorable. I had to put away all of his 0-3 month clothes the other day, he is getting huge!



They had to commission a study to figure this out?

Kids Who Can't Even Read Recognize Logos For McDonald's, Disney And... Toyota? - The Consumerist

Kids are capable at recognizing pictures at a young age. Logos are a pictorial representation of a company Kids like Happy Meals and car rides and well, Disney. Just like they like kitty cats and balls and chairs. No one bats an eye when a kid recognizes a chair. Logos are just a part of the modern world in my opinion. And recognition is why they exist. I think perhaps it would be more serious if a kid could not do this sort of thing.

Anyways. So I finished my mittens, and while I like them a lot, I think I might rip them apart and start again on bigger needles. It sucks I had to finish them to decide that, but at least they knit up really quickly. But I put them away for now to come back to later. I started a new pair of mittens which I am really excited about. I just love the little squirrels! I've been wanting to do these for a while. I got some pale blue and aubergine alpaca, which looks really pretty in my opinion. And so soft!

Everyone in the house is sick. It sucks. And so does snot. Luckily, the littlest member of our family is the least sick. B and I spent a lot of time on the couch today. Yesterday I broke out the oil pastels and crayons and we did some drawing.

Here's B trying to draw his current favorite car. He really liked the oil pastels. I figure someone has to get use out of the forty dollar box I had in the storage room (oil pastels are one of those things where more $$$ means better quality and better art). They just apply so smoothly. I had fun doing some drawings too, and then B made me draw his favorite cars. I used my drawing in foreshortened perspective skills that I learned from drawing rope for hours until I never wanted to look at rope again. Seriously. I think I spent the first two months in art school drawing rope. And while it is probably the most unfun i have ever had, I hate to admit how much I learned from it. I really need to learn to draw cars better. I think I still draw them like I did when I was 7. I need to draw more period. I think I am going to make a point of trying to draw every day or two for a bit to get my brain and hand working properly together again. We'll see.

Oh yeah, B has taken to marching around the house pretending he is leading a marching band. He asked for a hat and a baton today, so I found a pirate hat and made a baton out of markers. Somehow, he got Ryan to be the marching band leader. Hilarious.


Books and Clothes

We went to the Millenium Library yesterday morning. What a fun building. B did not get the point of going to the library at first. He kept saying "Books, buy it," no matter how many times we tried to tell him that we could borrow them and did not have to buy them. He was so amused by the elevator and all of the chairs. O mostly slept. We took out a few books for him, one of which, I Am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed, he has become so attached to that we might just have to go to the bookstore and buy it for him because I think it might be getting woven into his bedtime routine. It's really cute, I love the cut+paste collage style. I got a few knitting books, I am especially excited about The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch and The Baby Knits Book. I also got a couple of books on mittens, because I  love making mittens. I've been looking for the perfect knit jacket pattern because I have been wanting to knit one of those vintage moosey-style jackets for B for a while (ooh! Look at this fish jacket!). I finally found it in The Baby Knits Book. It's a plain knitted jacket that I can base the pattern on, and then I just need to come up with a design to knit on it. With at least one Moose. That will be my next big project after this current sweater and the Manda Ruth sweater for O. I *hope* to finish the hooded cardigan this week.

 My sister got back from her trip to Montreal today, so we went over to my mom's to hang out and eat pizza. She brought me back some pretty nail polish. I am especially excited about the Diamond Base coat. I have been looking for a good base coat, since I just use Orly Bonder right now, which is great for making nail polish stay on, but not so great for strengthening. Maybe the diamond dust will save them. I had to cut them super short the other day because I broke a few really bad. She also brought back some amazing H&M clothes and Converse Runners for the boys. I LOVE the fish runners. B kept going "Neeebo," and made me put them on O. And the Star Wars sweater is really amazing. I think Ryan is a little jealous. H&M kid's jeans are so great. They come in great styles and washes, and last a really long time. I think B wore the same pair for over a year, from 1-2 years old, they grow with a kid that well. And they are still in good enough condition that O can wear them when he is old enough. Best kids jeans ever.

Katya has good taste in kids clothes. There is another Lightning McQueen shirt, but B insisted on wearing it to bed. Which is where he is. Poor guy has a congested nose and at least two molars poking through. I think we will take it easy tomorrow, maybe do some drawing. I finally bought a roll of kraft paper to start drawing again on. I prefer starting on a neutral base instead of white paper, because I really like to build the colour up from nothing. The paper really lends itself to a wholly different sort of drawing, and I really think it's a major component of my aesthetic and it really informs my use of colour. It also is a great paper for working with chalk and oil pastels, which I just happened to come across while cleaning. Maybe B and I will oil pastel tomorrow. And play with cars of course.



For some reason I am in a funk today. I don't know why. I am attempting to cheer myself up with Easter chocolate (little solid eggs), a documentary (The September Issue), and the cutest little baby smiles which just fell back asleep. Even when he is sad, little O tries to smile.

Today he had his 2 month checkup. All is good. I think he's something like fourteen-and-a-half pounds and just over twenty-four inches now. Growing well. B went to Ryan's sister's for the day, so I cleaned the storage room. Fun. I did find lots of old photographs, drawings, and art supplies which just further propels my sudden inspiration. I tried to relax by knitting O some booties out of this really pretty yarn I bought in the States about five years ago (the colour is Country Sunset, but really, it feels more Underwater Menagerie to me), but as I got to the cuff of the last one, I ran out of yarn. Pout!! I had forgotten that I had used some of the ball to make a very large and very fluffy pom-pom. And I was so excited to have finally found a way to use this yarn to. I just love the colours. I will just have to pick up more next time we go. But I learned some more about bootie construction, and have some good ideas.

Yesterday the four of us all went out to dinner, at Moxies, almost an hour past our regular "supper hour" with great success. Is there a Parent Scout badge for that? I should embroider myself one. Then we walked around the mall and I wanted to buy everything. Mostly these nail files (not like I need anymore). And the diaper bag I have been dreaming of. And then today I saw this post on taking good family photos which really just made me spend too much time looking at nice children's clothes on the internet. I think he needs a good summer cardigan. Like this one. I need to get dressing him like this out of me before he cares enough to not wear the things I pick out! (Ooh, and this shirt!)

We spent some time this evening finally building B a gas pump for his Cozy Coupe. It has a gas cap and spot for a nozzle, and it always makes him disappointed that he can't fill it up. he even tries to use the teeny-tiny nozzle on his Little People garage sometimes. So I cut and taped something together on the fly out of a diaper box. Ryan did a great job with the nozzle. I plan to make it prettier at some point, I just wanted to get it finished tonight before he went to bed since he was watching us make it. He was sooo excited when he realized what it was and made lots of glug noises while he filled up his car.

This weekend is busier than it feels. Tomorrow AM I think we are going to the library to run around and look at books. Then Ryan has to do some work in the afternoon, mostly while the boys nap. And I need to go grocery shopping at some point. Sunday my sister gets home from Montreal so we are going to see her in the evening. I started thinking about gardening, but I am wary with all of the deer around here. I had bad luck on our second floor apartment balcony (even my jalapeƱos got eaten!) so I don't know if I want to risk it. Maybe I'll just try a couple of small plants and look into deer repelling techniques. It makes me a little sad that we are so far away from the Farmer's Market this year. Instead of a 5 minute drive, it's probably a 45 minute drive. Maybe there is something around here. We also talked about maybe checking out the one in Portage la Prairie this year. I love car rides. 


It goes on.

I feel like this sweater will never be done. Even a baby sweater on small needles is too much. In the meantime, I've knit one mitten and a quarter of a scarf. But today I went back to the sweater. It's not so bad now that I took a break, and I think I will make it to the hood. I was not so sure a week ago. I picked up an extra ball of brown yarn which I will need to finish the button band. As I was working on it I thought that I really liked the look of the inside. I am contemplating maybe finishing it inside out (which would then of course, be right side out). I have until I seam the sleeves to decide. In truth, I really want to finish it so I can start the next sweater (which is on size 8 needles thank goodness) which has a lot more going on in the pattern so it won't be quite as monotonous as endless stockinette. If it were not for the stripes I might go bonkers. 

See, the inside is really pretty. I've always liked the look of the working side of striped stockinette.  I will wait till the hood and button band (but before I sew on the buttons) are done done to fully decide. And the extra brown I will have leftover goes perfectly with a hand-dyed yarn I recently bought, so I can make something really cute there.

I think I finally have some sort of notion to put together my desire to document together with my thousands of dollars worth of drawing and photographing skills. I'm really excited about this. But more on that to come later.



I was up very late last night baking chocolate Babka for easter. I use the same recipe every year, from marthastewart.com and it has served me well. But with the 10 minutes of stand mixer kneading, I don't know how I did it before my KitchenAid mixer came into my life. 

The dough turned out really well. It turned out super silky. After a lot of rising (it seems fitting that an Easter bread would spend so much time rising) I added the two-and-a-half (that's right!) pounds of chocolate (mixed with butter, sugar, and cinnamon) to the rolled out dough. I can't believe that a dough that gets kneaded that long rolls out so easily.

After an hour in the oven, I took out the chocolate Babka. I also decided to make one regular Babka as well, as I was curious how this dough would work with only raisins mixed in (the answer is very well). Usually I don't do so well with such finicky bread recipes (or bread recipes at all really), but this turned out superb as usual. The chocolate did not melt as well as it should have for some reason. It doesn't change the taste at all, because the chocolate cools down before serving, but it takes away from the visual effect of the swirls of chocolate. It disappointed me when I first cut into a loaf because it looked more like scattered chocolate chips, but then I took a bite and it was so good it did not really matter anymore. It must have been all the thoughts of puppy dogs and butterflies that I tried to keep in my head while the dough rose. I read somewhere about how it's believed that the success of your Paska or Babka relies on the purity of thought of its baker. And that some while baking would go so far as to not allow anyone else in the house as to not ruin their golden bread by allowing bad thoughts to enter their home.

I really liked it as a regular Babka as well. Delicious. This is one of my favorite things to bake all year. I always divide the dough into six loaves in those aluminum pans that are slightly smaller than a regular loaf pan. It fills them well, and are a good size to roll out on a counter too. I usually make substitutions or do something different, but other than the smaller loaves (that still bake for the same amount of time) I followed the instructions exactly. Side note: Someone really needs to invent a computing device that has some way to save online recipes in a "cookbook" of sorts and lets me write notes on it. That is my dream app. Maybe the Microsoft Courier will do that. Let me say it here that I thought of  
that, so they better put me in an annoying ad (this ad was way better) about how the Microsoft Courier was my idea. 

Me being the occasional non-thinker, did my nails before baking. Luckily I was able to fix them up. I decided that I wanted nails that looked like Easter eggs. Tiffany-blue with purple tips and a glittery silver stripe. I used China Glaze For Audrey and OPI Do You Lilac It. It was pretty fun.

For the boys Easter basket, I spent some time sewing yesterday. I made O a Stegasaurus with ribbon tag plates down its back. It got a slobbery baby mouth of approval. I based it on this pig pattern from marthastewart.com. If I used it again, I would enlarge it, although I like the tiny dino. For B, I sewed him an Owly from his bedtime book, and a car mat. I really could have done a better job on the car mat, but I only had around an hour to spend on it, and considering that I think I did a pretty good job. I think I might remake it sometime though. Something more like this or this (I can't wait to make things from B's drawings BTW). I also got him some Cars Dominoes. "Play game, play game," he was saying all day. I started to teach him a basic matching version of Dominoes, and he started to get it. He mostly loved dumping them out and putting them back in their tin. I am slowly hoping to work him up to my favorite game, Candyland.

We had a really nice brunch with my family this morning. My sister left for Montreal yesterday, and family gatherings aren't quite the same without her. After eating too much food we went home and all took naps. Now I am watching the Real Housewives of Orange County (!) and taking a break from knitting Ryan's hat to type this up while my nails (a deep jewel green) dry. Tomorrow we have dinner with Ryan's family, and after that I have knitting group. B and I are going to play some more dominoes tomorrow, and maybe break out the glitter glue and safety scissors during O's nap. O is becoming such a social little baby. He smiles big at anyone who catches his gaze, and carries on long conversations to anyone (or thing) that will listen. It's pretty adorable. It makes my day.


Easter eggs and projects.

Today I came up with a genius idea. I was getting B to help me make cookies (ok, and by help make cookies, I mean place ready to go Pillsbury pucks on a cookie sheet) and I was trying to figure out how to include him more in a pretty basic purpose. I then remembered that I had food colouring markers in the fridge still so I marked X's on the parchment paper so B would know where to put the cookie dough. And it worked! B was soo proud of himself. And then I went and negated my flash of brilliance by using a tea towel to take the cookies out of the oven and burning my index finger pretty bad. It's not a good finger to burn pretty bad.

Holy yoke Batman, I did not realize how many rows of yoking there is to do on the baby sweater I am knitting. It almost makes me want to reconsider the hood, but in the end I know I will do it. I have to take a temporary break from working on it due to my finger injury though, the small stitches and needles are too much for it. So I am working on two larger chunky projects, a Mustard Scarf on 13 needles (I started it on 15 needles, but it was just a little too hole-y so I started again) which is knitting up quite quickly, and a Simple Slouchy Hat for Ryan, who shaved his hair off last night.

B and I decorated some plastic Easter eggs the other day. I figure I'll hold off on the hardboiled eggs until next year, because I had visions of him squeezing them to hard and being really sad about that. And he is a long way off from making Pysanky. I sometimes can't believe we were making them in elementary school when I was in grade one. And that I can't recall any open flame or hot wax disasters. So anyways, we made Cars eggs, which B was really excited about, and then proceeded to pretend they were cars and had them drive all over the place. Cute.

The other day, while I was making dinner, B dragged his toy kitchen in, and made dinner himself. He stole a mushroom and some broccoli and various utensils, and it was so adorable. He even put his dishes in his toy sink when he was done with them. And put the broccoli in a metal measuring cup and pretended it was a pot. It made making dinner take twice as long because I couldn't stop admiring his cuteness.

We had a fair bit of running around to do after Ryan finished work yesterday. We went to the mall to get some dinner, but B was too excited about playing in the play area to eat. While Ryan watched him play, O and I did some shopping. I went to The Children's Place to see if I could find Easter outfits for them, but they were out of everything good in B's size. So frustrating! It's hard enough to find cute little boy clothes as it is. And even sadder was that they were all out of B sized matching sweater vests (well, they had the purple and green ones, but I wanted the blue and yellow ones). They had lots in O's size though. Disappointing. I had great plans of matching Easter outfits. Well, there's always Christmas. I might still yet go check the Polo Store for this shirt, because it was pretty nice, the picture does it no justice.

After that, we had to go to Sally Beauty to pick up some clippers to do Ryan's hair with. I figured with 3 guys in the house, it made sense to get some better quality ones. And it was an excuse to take advantage of their buy 2 get 1 free on all nail polish sale. I just picked up some Sally Girl mini bottles (there are some seriously cute colours), and some nail polish remover. The dark green is seriously pretty. Right now my nails are Purple Panic. It's insanely bright. I think I'll go pastel for easter, doing something fun with For Audrey and Do You Lilac It.

Why does it have to be so gloomy out today! Ryan has the day off, but I think we are just going to take it easy. I think I am going to sew up the car holder I posted the other day out of whatever fabrics I have around the house (which is not much so it might clash a little). And I might make O something with ribbon tags, because he loved the little blankets I made him. I need to make a grocery list for tomorrow morning. I wish grocery stores were open today. And make sure to get everything to make Chocolate Babka.

I've decided my goal is to crochet a dorky Granny Square Afghan. And of course finish up the baby clothes quilt I started with B's old clothes. I first need to figure out how to crochet, and then how to crochet a granny square, but that should not be too bad. I've been looking at lots of pictures of them on Ravelry. There is so much consideration to make in the colours. Do I just use scrap yarns I have around, or do I just buy a few colours of yarn to make a more focused afghan. Once I go through the yarn I bought the other day I will start working on it, because I am not allowing myself to buy anymore yarn until then. If you have Ravelry, I love this one, and am tempted to do something really similar, with the four colours and white edging. I also really like this one a lot, and how the chaos of all of the colours is pacified by the strong white borders.