B's Favorite Cookie Recipe

B and I have a favorite cookie recipe. We've tried others, but of all of the recipes I've found that involve adding candy bits, this one is the tastiest. We've made it with M&Ms, Reese's Pieces and those little chocolate candy bits, and it was all delicious. I always let B pick out what we are going to put in the cookies when he comes grocery shopping with me. (Except this last week, I went alone, and it was so peaceful!) This time, we had no M&Ms to put on top of the cookies to make them pretty because B decided to dump the whole (luckily small) bag in. He loves making cookies. Mostly sitting on the counter and testing the M&Ms to make sure they are still good. He also likes adding stuff to the mixer. He really likes mixers. I do too! I swear my baked goods are better since I got one for Christmas the year before last. I think its the extra air and stronger arm. 

The one thing about this recipe is that it has to be made as written. I've tried doing it with butter or margarine instead of shortening, as I don't typically have shortening on hand, but it just makes them too soft. Since they are pretty soft to begin with, it's not a good thing. Seriously, these taste like the sort of cookie you'd buy at a coffee house in the good way. Pro-cookies! And they taste terrific dipped in milk (or milky coffee!!)

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