And then the clouds parted...

Poor B was going stir crazy all last week. The weather was just dreadful. So when it was warm and sunny yesterday, despite the things I wanted to get done at home, we headed out. B insisted that he wear a pirate hat. He looked pretty cool. We went to the Forks where Kidsfest was going on. B went crazy in the sprinkler. We mostly just walked around, it was nice to get outside. O was really amused too. And then he fell asleep. He is so adorable. He is rolling around and trying (sometimes successfully) to push himself forward with his little feet.

I am knitting the cutest thing ever. It's a mama and baby monster, and the baby monster fits in a pocket on the mama monster. It's for a birthday we are going to, so it is in girly purple and pink. I wanted to do it in blue and green at first, but figured that purple and pink was more little girl, and I could make a blue and green one later for O. Seriously, this pattern is adorable. I wish I had reason to knit more! I just need to find something for eyes (all the buttons I have look a bit off). Well that, and knit up the baby monster, but it's a lot smaller than the big one. I love the concept of the pattern too! I have half a Prairie Boot left to knit, I would have been done if not for the monsters. I really love both of those patters and plan to use them lots. The Prairie Boot pattern is really well written. And they are so cute.

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