On photography

So as you may or may not know, I have a BFA. In particular, I studied photograhy (and drawing, and I really liked Modern Art History), with the goal of one day taking photographs. With a capital P. Photographs. Of course, life got pleasently in the way, in the form of two wonderful boys, and I never did gain much momentum on that post-university. But lately, I've been really thinking about what it is I want to do with myself. While I love being a mom to two adorable little boys, I also really need to fulfill the part of me that ended up in art school in the first place. So I am doing it. While it might take me a bit of time to get all the particulars in order (and buy the right equipment - if anyone happens to want to buy me cameras, I won't complain!), I am going to be a photographer. I mean, I guess you can say I already am in the sense that I take a lot of photograhs, but (and I will not bore you with photography semantics or philosophy, but trust me, I could), but I don't feel like its a title I can own. But I plan to. I know it's a pretty saturated market, but I think I have a really good photographic viewpoint, a strong technical eye, as well as a good understanding of what elevates an image beyond a snapshot or an image to a beautiful photograph.

That being said, I need to work on my portfolio. I have a great deal of landscape and architectural shots (and there are lots more still on negatives, I have something like 80 rolls of film to go through), as well as a few more conceptual works, but I really need to flesh out the people part of it (ha! flesh! people!). So if you want a great family portrait, headshot, or event photography (or anything else for that matter) ask me! I will provide you with the digital files (with editing, and even some special effects) at no cost, as long as you allow me to use them in my portfolio. I am especially interetsted in taking pictues of people either in their own environments, with their pets, or outdoor family photographs.
So if you want some awesome pictures taken of you, send me a message or an email or whatever!


  1. Hi! I follow your husband on twitter & saw his note about this - it looks wonderful & I would love to talk about it. I definitely need some pictures for my social media that aren't taken with a self timer, a hope and a prayer lol

    Drop me a line kylaroma@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you :)

  2. Hey Odessa,

    Ryan and I would love to do some pseudo-engagement shots with the pups. If you're going to be in the states anytime in the near future, let us know!


  3. @Leesha
    If only! That would be fun! Sadly, the closest we are coming to you guys this summer is Grand Forks in a couple of weeks. We figure with the little little one, and the sort of little one, we should take it easy on the long car rides this year. :(

  4. Hi there,
    A friend of mine sent me to your site because I am looking for someone to take some family photos this summer. If you would be interested in having us (or at least deciding if you'd be interested in us!) feel free to email me at lddouma(at)hotmail(dot)com.