Busy, blah blah excuses.

I think i have been busy, but not really. It usually comes down to a choice of knitting or blogging, and the former almost always wins. Mostly because I want to finish up some stuff (of course I started two extra projects after finishing one, so I still have three on the go... which I will fix, I swear) before my sari silk comes. I still don't know 100% what I am going to do with it, but it's down to crazy mittens or shawl. I will probably do mittens because I hate doing scarves for the most part, and I think they would be beautiful mittens. Have I ever mentioned how much I love making mittens? They are my favorite kind of project. They are small enough that it's hard to get too bored, and for the most part, one ball of yarn makes two mittens, so you can invest in some really  pretty yarn. And you can do really intricate colour work in small doses. Most importantly, at least living up here, everyone needs mittens. So there is always someone to offload your creations to. I've been working out a few small patterns of my own lately, and I hope to properly knit them up soon once I get some more yarn.

I always said I would never knit socks, but then I saw this book the other day, and it changed my mind. Soo pretty. I especially want to make the Kai-Mei socks in a really pretty tonal yarn. But I think I'll start with some regular stripey Noro socks first. I love the way that stuff changes colour. The changes are so subtle and gradual, but the colours are always so different, its amazing. Knitting is a bad hobby for someone who loves colour so much! I just want to buy all the colours! Although, I must say finding the perfect green is really hard. They are never vibrant enough, or lean a little too blue, or are a little too muddy. One day!

It's my birthday this week which is fun. My dad is going to watch B for the evening. O will come with us, because he is pretty attached to me these days, and he is still young enough (and happy enough) to be portable. He is so adorable. Whenever I look at him he smiles and giggles at me. It's awesome. I think I am going to make Ryan take me to Kawaii Crepe. Yum.

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