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So I finished the Chronicles of Narnia baby sweater. I was really worried while knitting it that it looked too large, but upon finishing, I tried it on little O, and it fit him pretty well. Since he is a large 3 month old, and it is for a 3-6 month old girl, I'd say it's pretty true to size. And I love the puffy sleeves. The colour work in the flowers could be a little neater, but that's my fault for doing it on such a loose knit. Next time I need to remember loose knit=stitch it on after. But I finished it and am overall happy with it (and the choice to make it short sleeved!) Now I am just on a quick diaper cover to go with a friend's son's birthday present (I love the yarn! It has a nice texture and is really spring-y.), and then I HAVE to finish the Squirrel Mittens and the hoodie for O. I am not going to let myself start the next project until I do, even though I have bought all the yarn and needles. After that I have a really good idea for a mitten design I want to try to make work.

We've been busy crafting for Mother's Day this week. B survived both permanent markers and t-shirt paint without any major incidents! I am not going to post any pictures until after the day, just in case. Yesterday I was sick, so we might have had a bit of a Yo Gabba Gabba day. We watched an episode about Superheroes, and B spent some time running around "flying." When Ryan was done working, I quickly sewed him up a cape and he loved it.

Next week is the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, and I am trying to plan out what to sew. I for sure am going to finish the cowboy bibs I have cut out and ready to sew, but other than that, I am a little lost. I've been looking at Crewcuts by J Crew for inspiration. I love their kids clothes. I might try to make a summer cardigan and some pants for B. O does nor really need anything clothes-wise, so I think I will focus on B, who has outgrown most of his 2T clothing.I like this pant pattern a lot. And he really wants some slippers, for which I have the most perfect heavy wool felt leftover from his Halloween costume (I thought it was pretty smart of me to make the pirate jacket out of real heavy jacket material in this climate). Something easy to slip on like this (I know they are for babies, but they will still work well for B). I think I will spend some time tomorrow planning and cutting. Today I have to finish the diaper cover, make a grocery list/meal plan, and shop.

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