Just waiting for paint to dry...

I figured I'd use the time waiting for my nails to dry to type out a blog post. A french manicure with hot purple tips. Oh yeah. Not a lot is new, but I've felt really busy. Last week was my birthday. Ryan took me to Kawaii Crepe. It was delicious. Most of all I was really impressed at their comprehensive branding. It is so simple to do things like use branded cups or even a logo, but so few places here do it. I had a good birthday and now have a lot more yarn. Yikes! On top of my darngoodyarn.com order which I am still waiting on, I placed a knitpicks.com order and went to Ram Wools yesterday. Most excitingly, I got the set of Harmony needles I wanted. Oh yeah, and Ryan took me to Where the Wool Things Are and I got some Dream in Colour Smooshy (in Happy Forest). I set out looking for patterns for it, and then remembered the pattern I mentioned in my last post, the Kai-Mei socks which are made in that exact yarn (even the same colour). So instead of finishing my projects like I had intended, I rushed out to buy Sock Innovation and started on them. I've been to busy to do much on them, but I am halfway through the first heel. I appreciate that the more boring part of these socks is the first part, I always get bored when the end is all the same. Like the sleeves on the sweater I still have to finish. At least I have 8 or so months to finish them. And everything else. Dear family, I hope you like hand knit presents!

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to see Sex in the City 2. I know, there's been lots of bad reviews, but I could really use some sitting in a theatre, relaxing, and watching something silly time. And eat popcorn. And if there is time, a trip to Sephora beforehand.

The boys are doing so well. O has been a bit cranky with his bottom teeth coming in, but even when he is cranky he has lots of smiles.B has calmed down from his terrible two attack, and has become a lot more reasonable, which is a relief! And he grew an inch in the last month. No wonder I've had to put aside so much of his clothes. Not much else going on really. All is well. As usual, B just gets more and more expressive every day. And O is getting bigger and cuter. Anyways. Now I will get back to my nails, knitting, and Mall Cops: Mall of America.

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