Yesterday I decided to take a break from sweater knitting (although I did do the cuff for the second sleeve) and make a really quick instant gratification project. All that knit one row pearl the next was making me fuzzy. I decided to knit O a really soft little bunny out of some yarn I have probably had around for 6 or 7 years. A side note on that, I used to only buy one ball of a yarn I liked for some stupid reason, so I have a lot of single balls of really pretty yarn in a large bag. And interesting yarn being the way it is, most of the balls have something like 60 yards in them (and are discontinued) or something like that, which makes them too small to do much of anything with. Except make cute little animals.

I used this pattern, Anything Animals. It's a really simple and cute pattern, which knits up really quickly. I actually made another whole body before I did the bunny, with some Bernat Disco as the "head," but it was just way too fuzzy. I kind of want to knit a hockey fan with a mullet out of that one. Maybe next time I need a break from what seems like endless stockinette stitch. I used Patons Powder Puff for the body, which I kind wish I either had more of, or could easily buy more of as it would be perfect for a baby blanket or a really soft bear. Or to just hug straight on the ball. For the head I used Phildar Neige (which I can't find a good link for, but it's a fuzzy yarn, like stranded cotton balls, but replace the cotton with polyester), which was alright. It's just a little too fuzzy, but it works for a bunny. Like I said, the pattern was really easy, perhaps even too easy. I am sure I could have picked up stitches instead of knitting all of the limbs separately and stitching them on. That might have taken longer than the knitting itself. And made it look a little sloppier than I'd like, but that adds charm, right? I think I will use the pattern again though, with that stuff in mind, to knit up a cute little red headed girl doll like in the photos accompanying the instructions. And the aforementioned mullet-ed hockey fan. Think of all of the imaginative stories a kid should be able to come up with using a cast of characters like that. I think I have a project for this next week. That and finishing the sweater hopefully.

Tomorrow I hope to go to Ram Wools and pick up some nice yarn (I am on a hunt for the perfect bright green, as well as a good cyan/red combination) and some size 1 double pointed needles for future mitten making. We'll see after I go grocery shopping. My $99.06 grocery shop was a success (except we ran out of margarine, which was my fault - I made muffins), so we will see how tomorrow goes. I just have to finalize my list. And stay out of the Joe Fresh section.

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