Time to get this party started.

The spring cleaning's coming
As we lose the cold weather, so
Put away your long johns
All your thick sweaters
And we'll cut off all our winter hair
Sit out on the lawn chairs
And the sun forgets that we're here
Forget our careers
I figured it's time to get back into blogging. I'll probably write about a lot of different things: the boys, who take up most of my time; things I am up to, such as knitting and sewing projects; food we eat, which has been mostly unexciting these days, but I really want to change that; and other things, like shopping, neat links, and various colours that end up on my nails. I paint them to de-stress, it works pretty good.
So in that vein, I will gloss over those topics.
  • The boys are good, B is about 2 years and a couple of months and is doing very well. I am trying to get him over his juice addiction, into his Thomas bed, into real underpants, and all without his soother. It's good times. He lives and breathes Cars. Yes. Cars with a capital C, as in the movie. "Watcha McQueen," he runs around the house saying. What did parents do without pixar movies??? He has a healthy collection of toy cars and trucks of all sorts that he loves parking and putting in houses. It's pretty cute. O is about 6 weeks now, and a smiley little guy. He's pretty darn cute. And huge! He seems a lot more aware of his surroundings than I remember B being, and he is one tough little guy.
  • I am knitting a sweater for O, a hooded cardigan based on the pattern in Debbie Bliss' Essential Baby (It's the one on the top left, but I am making a fair bit of changes). I just finished the ribbing and am now on the striping. I have not knitted in a while, and I forgot how fun it is. My ravelry ID is ohdessa if anyone is interested. Sewing not so much these days, as it's not something you can do while holding a baby, but I do plan to maybe sew up some quick sheets for B this weekend.
  • Food is boring. I really hope to change that. We've been eating a fair bit of crap these days out of convenience. Ryan is working a lot, and I am busy with the two boys, so it just seems easier to throw in a pizza. On top of that, B is fairly picky, which makes things even harder. But sometime in the next couple of weeks I plan to go through cookbooks and come up with a plan.
  • Other stuff is other stuff. Yup. I am pretty pleased with my nails right now. I painted them Revlon Grey Suede (such a nice colour, more of a nude-y pink with a bit of grey) and used a Kiss Beach Purple nail art polish to paint on zebra stripes. I've been trying to organize the apartment like crazy and it feels like it will never be done. And I could use a vacation! Ha.
  • Now, I just need to pretty up this thing.

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