So even though we moved in November, there are still unpacked boxes. In my defense, they are all hidden from view in storage, and are mostly full of stuff that has no where to go right now. We got rid of our falling apart bookcases when we moved, so there are a lot of boxes of books waiting for a new home. And I have no where to put all of my art stuff right now, so that is all hidden away too. Every once in a while I need something I suspect might be in a box so I start searching though them and find other forgotten treasures. Yesterday, I don't even remember what I was looking for, but in a banana box in the corner of the storage room, I found my Baked cookbook. Which meant of course, being a sucker for antler motifs, I had to bake something.

I had been planning to make these Banana Crumb Muffins last night (Which are greatly improved with some extra cinnamon in the actual batter). I had made them a few weeks ago, and Ryan insisted I make them again, especially after the last time I told him I would make them and I made mini chocolate chip muffins instead. But having found my Baked cookbook, I decided to try the Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip muffins in the book, mostly because it was that or the Red Hot Velvet cake, and I could not think of a good reason to make that. Although when a good reason presents itself, I am all over that. And probably in cupcake form. If only easter were about cake and not Babkas.

So I set out to bake the muffins, and then quickly realized I had a few problems. First off, I only had one mushy banana, but the recipe called for four. So I quickly microwaved another one mushy, and decided to halve the recipe. Then I could not find any muffin tin liners. Seriously! I should have millions leftover from various cupcake baking expeditions. Where do they go? I just greased the pan, but really, I should have some. I bake a lot of cupcakes, and I always buy too many liners and put them aside for later. They are probably in an unpacked box in a storage room. Or B and the cat got to them. Finally, I realized we had no brown sugar, or even molasses so I could doctor some up. Oh well. I did have a jar of espresso powder for some reason though. So with all that in mind, I got to baking.

Before I popped the muffins in, I tasted the batter. Delicious. Although I think that the espresso flavour was a bit more pronounced before the baking, and I'd probably add a bit more if I make them again because it brought out the chocolate and made it taste so much more rich.The batter was not quite dense enough to support the chocolate chips either (and I used mini ones) so they kind of sunk a little, but it looks nice when you cut them open. They turned out really well despite my ill preparation. Fresh baked muffins for breakfast are delicious! And Ryan approved, even though they have chocolate bocolate in them.

After taking a break from doing much baking due to being too pregnant to move, and too busy with a new baby to breath, it's great to finally have some time. They say baking is a mood elevator, and I'd have to agree. And this week being Easter and all, I need to make some Babkas! Chocolate ones specifically. But more on that later this week.

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