I keep thinking it's Thursday or Friday

Today I broke out the new art stuff and B and I went crazy with the foam stickers and googly eyes while O slept after lunch. And the glitter glue! Kids art supplies are the best. Tomorrow I think I will break out the safety scissors. Which were really really hard to find, and in the end, I could only find the zig zaggy kind like scrapbookers use. O still sleeps enough that I get a fair bit of uninterrupted time with B, although that is slowly changing.

I went grocery shopping on Sunday, and somehow, the total was $99.06, which is significantly less than usual. It might be because I went through the flyer (or circular, as Ryan informs me most people call them outside of Winnipeg, although I am not so sure), and made a very detailed list and made a meal plan to go with it. And I stuck to it.We'll see how we are still doing on Friday. Which I keep thinking it is and am sorely disappointed. Ryan went back to work full time today, which means even less sleep and longer days.

B had his first dentist appointment today. He has a pretty bad looking chip in his front tooth, so I made Ryan call up the dentist and take him. I am too scared of the dentist. There was a dentist in the strip mall in front of our old place, and sometimes they would open the door for fresh air, and just the smell would make me panic. So anyways, B went to one of those kids dentist places, and he had a good time playing, and seemed to have a really good experience, which is important to me. And the chip is not worth fixing, and all of his other teeth are just fine.

I finished the main body on the sweater I am knitting for O, now for the sleeves. Sleeves always feel like such a chore after the main body. I just want to finish this sweater so I can move on to the next! And some other projects. And I really need to get back into taking more photographs. I really really want to create a documentary work, but I just can't figure out what exactly to document. I explored a few ideas while in school, but they never quite seemed right to me. I guess this is something I will have to really think about. I should probably start by revisiting some old ideas and figure out what is going on there. I think I have about 100 rolls of film in a binder, I started scanning them recently with a film scanner, but got distracted by the littlest one. I find that I get so caught up in the theory of taking photographs that it makes me too self conscious and aware of my intentions and their effects to make anything proper. These are things I could go on about, but would make me seem too crazy-nuts.

I finally caved and bought a mint green nail polish. I shouldn't have. It's streaky and makes my hands look like hospital walls. I don't need to be wearing anything that enhances my pale skin. But I read that there are more Revlon scented nail colours. I bought one of the fruity ones in the fall, and I must have looked crazy sniffing my nails. Spring pastels just do not work for me, bring on the summer brights! I love bright purples and fuchsias!

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