It goes on.

I feel like this sweater will never be done. Even a baby sweater on small needles is too much. In the meantime, I've knit one mitten and a quarter of a scarf. But today I went back to the sweater. It's not so bad now that I took a break, and I think I will make it to the hood. I was not so sure a week ago. I picked up an extra ball of brown yarn which I will need to finish the button band. As I was working on it I thought that I really liked the look of the inside. I am contemplating maybe finishing it inside out (which would then of course, be right side out). I have until I seam the sleeves to decide. In truth, I really want to finish it so I can start the next sweater (which is on size 8 needles thank goodness) which has a lot more going on in the pattern so it won't be quite as monotonous as endless stockinette. If it were not for the stripes I might go bonkers. 

See, the inside is really pretty. I've always liked the look of the working side of striped stockinette.  I will wait till the hood and button band (but before I sew on the buttons) are done done to fully decide. And the extra brown I will have leftover goes perfectly with a hand-dyed yarn I recently bought, so I can make something really cute there.

I think I finally have some sort of notion to put together my desire to document together with my thousands of dollars worth of drawing and photographing skills. I'm really excited about this. But more on that to come later.


  1. You should give me tips on what easy first-timer sweaters or cardigans I should make for Christmas presents for my niece and nephew! Yes, I'm seriously thinking about it now because I'm going to really only have August to knit... but I want to finish my scarf and then make some fingerless gloves for myself first. I hate Ravelry. It's MUCH too awesome and inspiring. :D

  2. I really recommend something on size 6 or bigger needles. And raglan shaped arms look a lot nicer and fit better. I've only made two other sweaters, they are both in my projects. I did the Baby's First Tattoo on size 6 instead of 3s and it turned out really well.