They had to commission a study to figure this out?

Kids Who Can't Even Read Recognize Logos For McDonald's, Disney And... Toyota? - The Consumerist

Kids are capable at recognizing pictures at a young age. Logos are a pictorial representation of a company Kids like Happy Meals and car rides and well, Disney. Just like they like kitty cats and balls and chairs. No one bats an eye when a kid recognizes a chair. Logos are just a part of the modern world in my opinion. And recognition is why they exist. I think perhaps it would be more serious if a kid could not do this sort of thing.

Anyways. So I finished my mittens, and while I like them a lot, I think I might rip them apart and start again on bigger needles. It sucks I had to finish them to decide that, but at least they knit up really quickly. But I put them away for now to come back to later. I started a new pair of mittens which I am really excited about. I just love the little squirrels! I've been wanting to do these for a while. I got some pale blue and aubergine alpaca, which looks really pretty in my opinion. And so soft!

Everyone in the house is sick. It sucks. And so does snot. Luckily, the littlest member of our family is the least sick. B and I spent a lot of time on the couch today. Yesterday I broke out the oil pastels and crayons and we did some drawing.

Here's B trying to draw his current favorite car. He really liked the oil pastels. I figure someone has to get use out of the forty dollar box I had in the storage room (oil pastels are one of those things where more $$$ means better quality and better art). They just apply so smoothly. I had fun doing some drawings too, and then B made me draw his favorite cars. I used my drawing in foreshortened perspective skills that I learned from drawing rope for hours until I never wanted to look at rope again. Seriously. I think I spent the first two months in art school drawing rope. And while it is probably the most unfun i have ever had, I hate to admit how much I learned from it. I really need to learn to draw cars better. I think I still draw them like I did when I was 7. I need to draw more period. I think I am going to make a point of trying to draw every day or two for a bit to get my brain and hand working properly together again. We'll see.

Oh yeah, B has taken to marching around the house pretending he is leading a marching band. He asked for a hat and a baton today, so I found a pirate hat and made a baton out of markers. Somehow, he got Ryan to be the marching band leader. Hilarious.

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  1. Wow...you are a star. Are you really going to take those mittens apart??? Crazy. They were so intricate!

    I love that your husband's a pirate. They're pretty hard to come by nowadays...especially in this neck of the woods ;)