I am sitting on the couch taking it easy. What an exhausting weekend (and week). B is still sick, I think I am going to call the Nurse Practicioner tomorrow to see if I can get in to see her because he just is not getting better. I love that the doctor's office keeps same-day appointments open. O seems better, thank goodness he was the least sick. We had such a busy day today, running around all over the place, visiting people, picking up stuff at the mall, getting O's passport picture, going for a long walk, and so on. Yesterday we went to Indigo to pick up I'm Not Sleepy for B. It's so fun and bright in the kid's section there. And they have a play kitchen, which is one of B's favorite things. I am trying to convince Ryan to build one for him (and O when he is old enough). Something like this. And then I will knit and sew food for it. We'll see.

There is not a lot going on right now, I am still almost done the baby sweater. Just a few more inches of hood and then the button band. The colours make me think of Zelda; I think I might embroider a triforce emblem on it. The weather has taken a turn for the nice so we've been getting out more. I took the boys on a bus ride to run some errands the other day, and B was soooo amused. He doesn't go on buses much, so it's almost like a ride to him. And he loves vehicles of any kind. We took him for a drive around the airport the other day, and he was so in awe of the airplanes. I keep meaning to take him to the airport one of these days because I think he'd love it. I should make a list of those sorts of things somewhere. I've just been so forgetful lately. I need to actually write things in the mini notepad I bought to write those sorts of things down in.

I put away a bunch of B's toys for now. I have just been too busy to pick them all up at the end of the day. I pared them down to an amount that will not bug me if he dumps them all over the floor. It feels good, and he has barely noticed. He has been hilarious lately. He likes to sing songs and play his drums. I think he is going to be a rockstar. O mostly wiggles, smiles and giggles, and it's absolutely adorable. I had to put away all of his 0-3 month clothes the other day, he is getting huge!

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