More things I have learned from Wife Swap, and sweater-itis

 This is B pretending to be me, shoes and shopping.

Some more things I have learned from Wife Swap:
  • Homeschooling means sleeping in and laying in bed while the kids work. I like bed.
  • I should do family yoga, but only in the dead man's pose for 45 minutes, during which I should secretly sleep.
Anyways... so I have almost finished the second sweater for O. I have just the sleeves left, but I hate sleeves, so when Ryan mentioned that I should knit something for someone he knows having a little girl, I put the sleeves aside for now. I am making another little sweater. Even though I swore I would not. But it's so cute and girly, but  in a reserved way. I'm knitting it in a darker grey with jewel-y purple and light pink flowers. And I decided to make the sleeves short. Because I am sick of sleeves. And it's for a spring baby. I picked up some really cute buttons for it, I am excited.

O spent a half an hour giggling at me this morning, it was so cute. And B all of a sudden is speaking in longer (5-6 word) sentences, which for the most part are grammatically sound. He talks pretty well for his age, he just only talks when he actually has something to say. O on the other hand has all the makings of a crazy talker. The personalities of those two are so different. We finally measured B the other day, and he is just shy of 39 inches. He is going to be taller than me in no time. We all spent the morning lounging around, it must be the gloominess. Even O did not want to be held and was happiest propped up on the couch. Which was good for me, because he must be going through a growth spurt, because instead of his usual 1-2 wake ups at night, he woke up 6 times. Ugh! At least he goes right back to sleep after. 

B and I broke out the glitter paint Monday, it was pretty fun. He can only paint for so long until the getting messy part really gets to him. Mostly though, he is all about the cars and trains and things that go. We draw cars a lot. I really need to improve my car drawing techniques, I swear I draw them just as I did in early elementary school. 

I think I am about to enact phase two of better food in the house, which is making more things, like crackers and cookies and snack things. I found a recipe for goldfish-like crackers which I am going to try this weekend after I pick up a new battery for our food scale. I really need to find some time to sit down and figure out what I need to make. I figure, I've been wanting to bake more, but don't really have much reason to, so I should put my baking skills to good use making more "whole" foods for around the house. In more exciting baking news, I finally found a reason to bake a cake (a BBQ at my mom's tomorrow), so I am going to make the Red Hot Red Velvet Cake from the Baked cookbook. I have been wanting to make this one for a while. I am especially excited about the cinnamon frosting. I am going to make the cake tonight, and then frost it during nap time tomorrow.

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