Books and Clothes

We went to the Millenium Library yesterday morning. What a fun building. B did not get the point of going to the library at first. He kept saying "Books, buy it," no matter how many times we tried to tell him that we could borrow them and did not have to buy them. He was so amused by the elevator and all of the chairs. O mostly slept. We took out a few books for him, one of which, I Am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed, he has become so attached to that we might just have to go to the bookstore and buy it for him because I think it might be getting woven into his bedtime routine. It's really cute, I love the cut+paste collage style. I got a few knitting books, I am especially excited about The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch and The Baby Knits Book. I also got a couple of books on mittens, because I  love making mittens. I've been looking for the perfect knit jacket pattern because I have been wanting to knit one of those vintage moosey-style jackets for B for a while (ooh! Look at this fish jacket!). I finally found it in The Baby Knits Book. It's a plain knitted jacket that I can base the pattern on, and then I just need to come up with a design to knit on it. With at least one Moose. That will be my next big project after this current sweater and the Manda Ruth sweater for O. I *hope* to finish the hooded cardigan this week.

 My sister got back from her trip to Montreal today, so we went over to my mom's to hang out and eat pizza. She brought me back some pretty nail polish. I am especially excited about the Diamond Base coat. I have been looking for a good base coat, since I just use Orly Bonder right now, which is great for making nail polish stay on, but not so great for strengthening. Maybe the diamond dust will save them. I had to cut them super short the other day because I broke a few really bad. She also brought back some amazing H&M clothes and Converse Runners for the boys. I LOVE the fish runners. B kept going "Neeebo," and made me put them on O. And the Star Wars sweater is really amazing. I think Ryan is a little jealous. H&M kid's jeans are so great. They come in great styles and washes, and last a really long time. I think B wore the same pair for over a year, from 1-2 years old, they grow with a kid that well. And they are still in good enough condition that O can wear them when he is old enough. Best kids jeans ever.

Katya has good taste in kids clothes. There is another Lightning McQueen shirt, but B insisted on wearing it to bed. Which is where he is. Poor guy has a congested nose and at least two molars poking through. I think we will take it easy tomorrow, maybe do some drawing. I finally bought a roll of kraft paper to start drawing again on. I prefer starting on a neutral base instead of white paper, because I really like to build the colour up from nothing. The paper really lends itself to a wholly different sort of drawing, and I really think it's a major component of my aesthetic and it really informs my use of colour. It also is a great paper for working with chalk and oil pastels, which I just happened to come across while cleaning. Maybe B and I will oil pastel tomorrow. And play with cars of course.

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