For some reason I am in a funk today. I don't know why. I am attempting to cheer myself up with Easter chocolate (little solid eggs), a documentary (The September Issue), and the cutest little baby smiles which just fell back asleep. Even when he is sad, little O tries to smile.

Today he had his 2 month checkup. All is good. I think he's something like fourteen-and-a-half pounds and just over twenty-four inches now. Growing well. B went to Ryan's sister's for the day, so I cleaned the storage room. Fun. I did find lots of old photographs, drawings, and art supplies which just further propels my sudden inspiration. I tried to relax by knitting O some booties out of this really pretty yarn I bought in the States about five years ago (the colour is Country Sunset, but really, it feels more Underwater Menagerie to me), but as I got to the cuff of the last one, I ran out of yarn. Pout!! I had forgotten that I had used some of the ball to make a very large and very fluffy pom-pom. And I was so excited to have finally found a way to use this yarn to. I just love the colours. I will just have to pick up more next time we go. But I learned some more about bootie construction, and have some good ideas.

Yesterday the four of us all went out to dinner, at Moxies, almost an hour past our regular "supper hour" with great success. Is there a Parent Scout badge for that? I should embroider myself one. Then we walked around the mall and I wanted to buy everything. Mostly these nail files (not like I need anymore). And the diaper bag I have been dreaming of. And then today I saw this post on taking good family photos which really just made me spend too much time looking at nice children's clothes on the internet. I think he needs a good summer cardigan. Like this one. I need to get dressing him like this out of me before he cares enough to not wear the things I pick out! (Ooh, and this shirt!)

We spent some time this evening finally building B a gas pump for his Cozy Coupe. It has a gas cap and spot for a nozzle, and it always makes him disappointed that he can't fill it up. he even tries to use the teeny-tiny nozzle on his Little People garage sometimes. So I cut and taped something together on the fly out of a diaper box. Ryan did a great job with the nozzle. I plan to make it prettier at some point, I just wanted to get it finished tonight before he went to bed since he was watching us make it. He was sooo excited when he realized what it was and made lots of glug noises while he filled up his car.

This weekend is busier than it feels. Tomorrow AM I think we are going to the library to run around and look at books. Then Ryan has to do some work in the afternoon, mostly while the boys nap. And I need to go grocery shopping at some point. Sunday my sister gets home from Montreal so we are going to see her in the evening. I started thinking about gardening, but I am wary with all of the deer around here. I had bad luck on our second floor apartment balcony (even my jalapeños got eaten!) so I don't know if I want to risk it. Maybe I'll just try a couple of small plants and look into deer repelling techniques. It makes me a little sad that we are so far away from the Farmer's Market this year. Instead of a 5 minute drive, it's probably a 45 minute drive. Maybe there is something around here. We also talked about maybe checking out the one in Portage la Prairie this year. I love car rides. 

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  1. Aw little O is the cutest thing ever. You guys make good babies.

    & I love the gas pump! Such a smart idea. My brother would have loved that, he was car crazy as a kid too.